On the Spot -Play & Stay

Frequently Asked Questions


​How do I make reservations?

Just call or text us at 435-680-6666. We will assist you with making reservations for daycare, boarding or grooming. A credit card is required to guarantee your boarding and daycare reservations. Click Here for our payment and cancellation policy.

What does Cage-Free Pet Care mean?
Just that! On the Spot Play & Stay offers boarding, daycare and grooming services free of kennels or cages. Dogs are welcome to play, nap or hang out outside or inside all day. We do kennel or separate pets at meal time and sleep time.

What are some reasons pets may be kenneled at your facility?

 Although most dogs love our cage-free atmosphere... it is not ideal for all pets.
Pets that are not spayed or neutered may be kenneled if needed. Some other reasons pets may be kenneled are:

Owner’s request
Displaying any signs of illness
Aggressive Behavior
For Safety
To properly dry after bathing

What is a typical day at doggy daycare and boarding like?
Your dog’s fun filled day begins at 7:00am. They may choose to be supervised inside with the air-conditioning or outside in the fresh air. Our play yards are secure and safe. There is plenty of opportunity for activity with wading pools, climbing toys, and the yard is big enough for your dog to run and play. Our care givers also promote proper social skills between other dogs and people. Dinner is served at approximately 6:00 pm. After dinner your pet is free to play or just hang out until they are tucked in for the night.

Can my pet be kenneled if requested?
Of course. We do have kennels for use. We also suggest you bring your pets own kennel. They will love having a familiar place to sleep.

Do you separate large from small dogs?

Yes, each has their own daycare and play yard. We have several outside yards so we also have the capability to separate dogs into other play groups such as puppies and seniors when appropriate.

What Vaccinations do you require?
We require that all of our canine friends be current on their DHPP, rabies, and bordetella vaccines. Our feline friends are required to be current on their rabies and FVRCP(P) vaccines. Please have these records available to us no later than your check-in time.

Can you give my pet his/her needed vaccinations?
We are happy to administer the Bordetella and the DHPP vaccinations at a low cost. The Rabies vaccination is only available through a veterinarian. We are happy to give you a referral to a vet in the area. Remember that if your pet is overdue for a vaccine, it is best to have the vaccine done at least 1 week prior to boarding so it has time to take full effect.

Can my pet stay at your facility if his/her immunizations are not current?
We do not allow any pet to be boarded or attend daycare without verification that all required immunizations are up to date.

Can you administer medications to my pets during their stay with you?
Yes. Our staff has been properly trained to give a variety of medications. Please make sure that the medication is clearly labeled with legible directions for use so we can ensure these medications are given correctly. There may be a small charge to administer some types of medications. 

Can my dog be boarded or attend doggy daycare if he/she is not spayed or neutered?
We are not able to accommodate pets over the age of 1 year that are not spayed or neutered. If your pet is under the age of 1-we will consider this on a case by case basis. Please call us to discuss the details.

Can I reserve boarding daycare or grooming online?
 We do not take reservations or appointments online. 

Do I need to make an appointment or call ahead to bring my dog to daycare?
We are usually available On the Spot for doggie daycare and we love drop in's .   However, there may be times that our facility fills up. We strongly recommend calling ahead or making reservations for all of our services.

What items do I need to bring with my dog for boarding?
We supply everything your pet needs during their stay with us- However, we recommend that you bring your pet's food so they can remain on their own diet.  You are also welcome to bring items that may make your pets stay more comfortable. Beds, blankets, kennels, and  meds,  are examples of items you may want to bring. Please be advised that all items brought into our facility will be marked with your pets name with a permanent marker. Please do not bring valuable items with your pet (such as an heirloom blanket or keepsake items). On the Spot can not be responsible for items left at our facility.

What time can I drop off or pick my pet up for boarding or daycare?

You may drop off or pick your pet up for doggie daycare between 8:00 am- 5:30 pm weekdays and 9:00 am - 3:30 pm Saturdays. 

You may check your pet in for overnight boarding anytime between 8:00 am- 5:30 pm weekdays and 9:00 am - 3:30 pm Saturdays.

Seasonal Sunday hours may be available. Please inquire. 

Check out time for boarding is by 12:00 noon on your scheduled pick-up day.  You are welcome to pick your pet up after 12:00 noon and will just be charged a $15 daycare rate. 

If you have employees at the facility - then why can't I pick my pet up or drop them off before or after office hours?

Employees are often here outside of office,  pick-up and drop-off hours to feed, tend to and care for the pets. For the safety and security of the pets ; employees are not permitted to open the doors for any reason before or after office hours. 

Do you require a temperament test before my dog can stay with you?

We do not require a temperament test. We have several areas for your pets to play. They may be separated from another pet if their personalities just don’t mesh. Your pet will be kenneled and you will be called to pick him/her up if he or she shows signs of aggression.


Do I need to book grooming appointments in advance?
We’re happy to take walk-ins when we have availability. However; our grooming appointments are in high demand .Booking an appointment for a grooming service ahead of time is highly recommended.

Will my pet be kenneled before/after the groom?
Our grooming service is also Cage-free. Your pet may spend a few minutes in a drying kennel.  Aggressive pets or pets that don’t get along well with others may be kenneled. Pets may be kenneled upon owner’s request.

Can I stay and watch my pet being groomed?
In most cases, if your pet can see you, this usually leads to the pet trying to be with you and can result in a dangerous condition. The groomer is working with sharp tools and looks to avoid additional stress and excitement. Pet parents are welcome to wait in our lobby while their pets are being groomed. (Free wi-fi is available). For the safety of all pets and owners we cannot allow Pet Parents to assist with grooming or to stay in the grooming or bathing areas.

Can my pet be sedated for a grooming session?
We cannot sedate pets. If your pet needs sedation please advise your vet. He can suggest a sedative or something for relaxation. If a sedative is prescribed by your vet, it will need to be administered by you – prior to your appointment. An extra fee may be charged to groom a pet that has been sedated. Pets who have been sedated are not permitted to participate in daycare.

Can you do a puppy cut?
"Puppy cut" is a loosely descriptive term and usually has no specific meaning in the grooming world.  With most breeds, we can maintain the cute puppy look (if the current condition of the coat allows). Most of the time, this means the hair is cut to the same length all over. Your groomer can work with you to choose a style which works for your dog.

How long does a grooming appointment take?

​Grooming appointment times will vary depending on several factors including: the breed, size, coat condition, behavior of your pet and your desired cut. We generally ask for about 3 hours to complete the grooming process for your pet. We do offer Doggy daycare as an add-on service to grooming appointments (we do not provide daycare for cats)

How often should I bring my dog in for grooming?
While small dogs with luxurious coats of hair and extravagant haircuts are generally what comes to mind when you think of grooming, in fact all dogs can benefit from a routine grooming program. How often your dog should be groomed depends on his breed, hair type, and activity level. At it’s most basic level, grooming is the process of bathing the dog, brushing out, clipping nails, brushing his teeth, expressing his anal glands and generally cleaning your dog.  It is important that your dogs basic grooming needs be attended to on a regular basis. We generally recommend having your dog groomed every 4 to 8 weeks.