Benefits of Professional Dog Bathing Services

Benefits of Professional Dog Bathing Services

Bathing your dog may be doable at home, but there are several reasons to have a professional tackle this task. How often you bathe your dog will depend on factors such as breed, length of the dog’s coat, the climate, and what type of activities you do with your dog. A professional groomer will ensure your dog is cleaned with quality products that won’t irritate the dog’s skin and will make sure every part of them gets cleaned properly.

A well-bathed dog is crucial for their overall health. Plus, you can make sure your home doesn’t have that “dog smell” that is common when you have a dog or two as part of the family. Regular baths will not only remove dirt and debris from your dog, it will also help control allergens, prevent potential skin issues, control fleas and ticks, and improve the dog’s overall appearance.

Common Grooming Mistakes

When bathing your dog at home, it’s easy to make some simple mistakes that can be harmful to your dog. Here are some examples that should be avoided:

  • Shaving your dog in the summer, which can do more harm than good for many breeds.
  • Washing a dog’s inner ears, which can create bacterial growth.
  • Not rinsing the dog thoroughly, which can cause skin irritation and other coat problems.
  • Brushing a dog’s coat while it’s still wet, which causes skin irritation and can mat or knot their hair.
  • Trimming nails improperly, causing bleeding, infection, and pain if you go too short and creating deformed feet if nails are kept too long.
  • Bathing too often, which damages their coat and removes natural oils and proteins that protect their hair and skin.

Safe and Convenient Bathing

At On the Spot Play and Stay, our bathing services are enjoyable and safe for your furry best friend. We give your pet a little massage when applying irritation-free shampoos that are sure to relax your pet. Our knowledgeable staff will also check for any signs of health issues, such as watching out for fleas or ticks, checking for rashes or skin lesions, addressing bald patches, feeling for lumps, and paying attention to skin discoloration or bleeding. We will let you know if we have any concerns so you can address them appropriately with your vet. With our training, it’s easy to spot these problems, whereas possibly going unnoticed with quick baths at home. Our staff at On the Spot Play and Stay will make sure your dog’s nails are trimmed carefully, that their anal glands are expressed appropriately, that their ears are wiped safely, and that every fold is cleaned gently. If you feel comfortable washing your pet on your own but don’t have a great spot at home to do the task well, we also have a self-serve pet washing station available to our customers. We care about your furry family member just as much as you do, which means you can trust in us to bathe them with care after they’ve had a fun day playing with their pals.