Doggy Daycare near Zions National Park

At On the Spot Play & Stay, we strive to provide dogs with the optimal environment for an engaging stay. We are committed to providing the finest possible care for your dog, with a strong emphasis on health and safety. He or she will spend his or her days playing and interacting with other dogs in our indoor and outdoor play areas, and his or her nights sleeping in a separate pet suite. All the while enjoying round-the-clock care from our trained staff members.

Dog Boarding near Zions National Park

You provide your pet the finest care possible at home. Why then should you anticipate anything less for your pet when you leave? We provide overnight boarding for canines near Zions National Park at On the Spot Play & Stay. We care for your animals as if they were our own. Therefore you can relax knowing that while they are staying with us, your pet is always loved and cared for! Also, while your pet is being boarded, you can book bathing treatments if you want your pet to return home in style.

Dog Bathing

In addition to providing luxurious lodgings, On the Spot Play & Stay also offers a variety of pet bathing services. Our state-of-the-art technology and expert pet bathing staff will ensure that your pet looks its best during all pet spa services, while putting them at peace.

Dog Day Care

We provide doggie daycare services if you need someone to watch your pet while you go on a day excursion in Zion National Park or working your regular job. Get peace of mind knowing that your pet is being loved, cared for, and spoiled exactly like they would be at home. Your pet will be cared for with the same level of attention and love whether we are watching them for two hours or twelve.

Self-Serve Dog Wash

When it comes to a handy self-serve dog wash near Zion National Park, go no further than On the Spot Play & Stay if you enjoy having your dog washed and pampered but prefer to handle the cleaning and pampering yourself. Our family-friendly facilities will make sure that everyone enjoys bathing your pet family member while keeping your house tidy. You won't have to coerce your dog into taking a wash any longer!