Doggy Daycare near Quail Creek Reservoir

Your furry companions are an essential member of the family. Ensure that when they require boarding or bathing, they are cared for by those who love them as if they were their own pets. While you are gone, your pets can stay in cozy, secure, and exciting accommodations at On the Spot Play & Stay. We also provide a variety of grooming treatments to keep your pets looking and smelling beautiful.

Dog Bathing in Quail Creek Reservoir

For both your pet's health and beauty, it's important to keep them clean and groomed. Your canine friend's skin and coat remain healthy and shiny with regular care. We give your pet the required bathing services at On the Spot Play & Stay. We treat your pets with the same love and consideration that we would extend to our own, ensuring their comfort and happiness.

Self-Serve Dog Wash

On the Spot Play & Stay offers a straightforward self-service dog wash if you want your pet to be clean and pampered after a trip to Quail Creek Reservoir, but would rather do it yourself. Our child-friendly facilities will ensure that the whole family enjoys bathing the family pet and keeping the house clean! You will no longer need to persuade your dog to take a bath.

Quail Creek Reservoir Dog Daycare

On the Spot Play & Stay offers hours of activity and excitement in a safe and healthy play environment that boosts spirit, social skills, and confidence. We provide a supervised and regulated environment in which authorized dogs can socialize and play all day.

Dog Boarding

On the Spot Play & Stay near Quail Creek Reservoir provides luxury day and overnight dog boarding for your furry family members. When your dogs have to be away from home, we make sure they are pampered, loved, and sleep comfortably. Everything your dog may possibly need for a relaxing staycation has been provided for. Throughout their time with us, your four-legged friends will be safe and cared for.