Doggy Daycare near Santa Clara, Utah

At On the Spot Play & Stay, our goal is to give dogs the best possible conditions for an entertaining visit. We are dedicated to providing your dog with the best care available, with a strong emphasis on health and safety. He or she will spend the days playing and interacting with other animals in our indoor and outdoor play areas, and the evenings cozying up in a private pet suite for a good night's sleep. All the while receiving round-the-clock attention from our skilled personnel.

Dog Boarding in Santa Clara, Utah

While you're away, your dog should have a clean, secure area to stay. We understand what it's like to miss your dog and what it's like for your dog to miss you at On the Spot Play & Stay. We offer every service imaginable to ensure that your dog is at ease, safe, and content. Each dog will enjoy a cozy pet bed with a soft fleece cover that is precisely tailored to meet the suite size and your pet's size. There are other resort activities available to make your dog's stay with us even better!

Dog Daycare

We understand that you want the greatest and safest dog daycare in Santa Clara, Utah for your canine companions, so here at On the Spot Play & Stay, we offer inexpensive dog daycare that your dog will absolutely adore. While searching for the best doggy daycare for your dog, On the Spot will ensure that your dog's time away from you is both safe and enjoyable.

Santa Clara, Utah Dog Bathing

Bathing can be a stressful experience for your dog. We make every effort to make your dog's stay as pleasant as possible. Our exceptional groomers will meet with you to personalize your experience and guarantee we fulfill your and your dog’s demands. We treat your dog as if it were our own!

Self-Serve Dog Wash

Bathing your pet is necessary, despite what your furry friend may try to persuade you. At On the Spot Play & Stay in Santa Clara, Utah, we provide a pleasurable and stress-free time! The reality is that bathing your pet helps maintain their skin and coat, as well as keeps them parasite-free. Self-service dog washes are a practical and economical alternative to bathing your pet at home.