Tips for Boarding Your Dog

Tips for Boarding Your Dog

Pet owners may now enjoy occasional escapes, whether they are 10-day retreats or weekend getaways, thanks to dog boarding centers and doggy daycares. Packing your baggage is one of the most fun parts of getting ready for a trip. It's also one of the most crucial, though, since forgetting to bring essentials can leave you unprepared in some circumstances. The same rules apply when packing your dog's suitcase for their boarding stay. For this reason, it's crucial that you plan ahead and be quite thorough when getting ready for a visit to a boarding facility.

Your Dogs' Favorite Food

While certain lodging facilities may provide their own food, abruptly altering the diet of our furry friends can have adverse effects, particularly when implemented during a period of heightened stress. We strongly advise that regardless of whether your dog is attending an overnight daycare or is staying with a friend, you bring his regular food. You should also bring additional food with you, just in case an unforeseen circumstance disrupts your travel plans. The last thing you want is for your dog's unexpected extension to result in a more severe troubled stomach.

Dietary Supplements and Medications

A number of canines require daily administration of specific medications and/or supplements; your dog boarding facility will gladly provide these as required. In your absence, provide your dog boarding facility with written instructions that include specifics such as the dosage schedule and quantity, in addition to the required number of doses. It is beneficial to incorporate the medication and/or supplements that require food for administration into the pre-packaged meal containers.

Personalized Dog Tags

Ensuring accurate identification is a critical component of dog ownership, even when one is merely conducting routine activities within the household. However, you will want to confirm that all of your pet's information is current while they are being boarded. The best way to identify a dog is probably with a collar and microchip combination. Their records ought to include your dog's name, your name, phone number, and possibly your address. To take things a step further, you should definitely include contact information for emergency scenarios.

A Joyful Reminder

Being apart makes all the difference, especially for pets and their owners. To help your dog feel connected to you even when you are not around, include something that smells like you. It might be a sock, blanket, or t-shirt. This is an excellent way to help your dog feel at ease and free of tension.

Beloved Toys

Dog day care centers like On the Spot Play & Stay offer a wide range of toys for the dogs' amusement. However, almost all dogs have several things that they just cannot live without. Put one or two of these toys in your dog's carrier to ensure he has everything he enjoys from home with him for his stay.
Selecting a trustworthy dog sitter is like making an investment in the pleasure and health of your pet. It's a choice that shows a dedication to giving your dog a secure, cozy, and joyful vacation and goes beyond just practical considerations. It makes you even happier to know that your dog is in professional and loving hands while you are away. Make an appointment with On the Spot Play & Stay today, and we'll look after your dog just like our own.