Vaccinations Keep Your Dog Safe

Vaccinations Keep Your Dog Safe

Whether you’re boarding your furry best friend for a long vacation or just during the day while you’re at work, they must be current on their vaccinations. Ensuring that all our dog visitors are current on vaccines creates a safer environment for everyone involved. During your search for doggy daycares, if you come across a business that does not require vaccinations, that’s typically a red flag. With numerous dogs in and out of these facilities, it’s important to be sure the clien-tail are not bringing in transmittable (and often preventable) diseases.

Required Vaccinations

There are three main vaccines that are required at our facility. The first is Distemper. Puppies should receive their first Distemper shot by the time they are ten weeks old (most puppies aren’t allowed at boarding facilities before ten weeks old). Distemper shots are administered every year or every three years, depending on your vet’s procedure. The second shot is Bordetella, which should also be administered by the time your pup is ten weeks old. This one should be updated annually, but you often need to request it from your vet as it’s not always standard. Bordetella protects against kennel cough, which can often be transferred at doggy daycares. The third vaccination is Rabies, which should be administered every year or every three years, similar to Distemper. All dogs should get a rabies vaccine regardless of attendance at a dog boarding facility. It’s common for all three of these shots to be handled at the same appointment if your timing is right, which means it’s convenient to take care of each year.

The required vaccines need to be administered at least 48 hours prior to boarding, however it’s best if they can take place about ten days to two weeks before bringing them in. Dog owners will need to bring in their dog’s vet papers to prove they have had their proper shots. Many boarding facilities like their doggy customers to have Canine Influenza and Leptospirosis vaccines as well, but they are typically not required. It’s important to avoid boarding a sick dog whenever possible. And we also must ensure dogs that enter our facility are tick and flea free. If you have questions about our requirements, please give our friendly staff a call.

Why The Rules Matter

All these rules come down to the importance of a safe space for all dogs. We want to create a fun, loving, and comfortable environment for all our furry friends. If you’re looking for a reliable and secure space for your dog to stay for the day or for a month, trust in On the Spot Play & Stay in Hurricane. We welcome visitors from out of town, too, and since we’re so close to Zions, Sand Hollow, Quale Creek, and so much more, we often get new furry faces stopping by. You don’t need to be worried about leaving your dog for too long while you’re out and about if you bring them to us. Just make sure you have your dog’s records of vaccines and they’ll be more than welcome to join the fun!